Forum Rules! (PLEASE READ!!!)

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Forum Rules! (PLEASE READ!!!)

Post by FrostBite on Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:46 am

Please read through these for these are the rules, do not want anyone breaking them now do we? These rules apply to ALL members, from newcomers to regular members, to mods and admins, if these rules are broken they will result in a form of strike. You have three strikes, you will be given a warning the first time, a second time you will be kicked from the site for four days, and the third a month. If there are problems that continue to arise with you, then we will permanently ban you from the site itself.

Site Main Rules

1. We love to see new people on the forum, and even though this is a role-playing forum the top rule is to get along with others. As childish as it is we prefer for people to get along better.
2. No cursing anyone out, granted there will be cursing around the site altogether, please keep it down to a minimum, don't be making up a storm and looking like an idiot.
3. Multiple accounts are acceptable (multiple characters), but the limit to the amount is three in total, if you have joined a team or your a leader of the team itself you can only have two of your characters in the team/guild, etc. Make sure you let any of the Staff know who's accounts are yours, just so we could keep a good head count.
4. No spamming in any section or on the site for that matter AT ALL. Spamming leads to frustration and may bother some of the others, so please don't spam.
5. No pornography at all, even in the chat box, we do not need people complaining because someone posted something that was really inappropriate. And keep in mind, there are younger teenagers, there are children, and yes there are others who need not see any of that, this also includes hentai and nude pics for that matter as well as links to sites.
6. Drug dealing, posting pictures about weed and the such is prohibited. Yes, it may seem a bit too extreme about the weed product, but IT IS considered a drug for any matter, I do not care if its medicinal or not, but if its a news article then that is fine.
7. No bullying, Cyber-bullying for that matter. We strongly are against the idea, and failure to understand that people have "feelings" will result in  two strikes, whether it is your first time or not.
8. If you support a religion please do not go off bragging and boasting and spamming about it. This is a site for EVERYONE, we do not care what religion you have, but please don't go all out talking about it because there will be people who are uncomfortable with it.
9. Please use proper grammar.
10. The bear minimum of accounts yu can have on here is only 1-4, no more then that or else you will be asked to remove the account.
11. Have fun! The most important rule on the forum thus far, we want to have a fair forum and not a bunch of whimpering whelps. Enjoy the site and explore!

Role-playing Rules

1. No meta-gaming AT ALL, we want people to have a chance at role-playing even when fighting.
2. You must create a character and have one of the staff accept it to role-play.
3. As much as it does suck, you must be in a team in order to role-play as well, it helps get people together more often.
4. No raping characters or having sex with them or any nude action at that in role-play, that stuff is for private messaging. (Gave you an alternative, be happy about it)
5. In order to use an "energy blast" of some sort and it DOES have a name (just attacks with names) you must create a move application set and have it accepted by one of our staff.
6. When role-playing with one other person you must await your turn, you cannot post twice before another person.
7. NO GOD-MODDING, or else the topic you are in WILL be shut down.
8. Keep profanity at a minimum
9. Once again, please use proper grammar.
10. Characters have the option of taking up an element, Dragons MUST gain their elements in order to use them, but if their preset is fire (for a fire dragon) then that is acceptable. Information on the races will be given here.
11. Now some of you may have questions about this, but there is no role-play section, main reason for that is because we have worlds! Post a topic in a world and let that be your role-play, that is how the whole thing works.
12. We love that people like to role-play, but to keep things more "organized" sort of say, you can only be in three role-plays at a time. There are three different role-plays you can be in:
A. Main Plot: Where you participate in your groups or a site-wide role-play. There can only be one at a time, while everyone else can make topics, those topics can be related to this, but, only ONE per user, that means if two users are in a plot topic they cannot create another one until that one is done.
B. Extra Plot: A side quest for you and your team/friends on the forum, this is something besides the Main Plot. you can have 3 extra rp's, you need to finish or let the other user know that you are done with that rp to start a new one.
C. Fight/Event Plot: Whether its a Holiday Role-play with you team/friend/lover/etc. or a fight that you or someone else wanted with you this is the type of plot that allows you to do this kind of stuff.
D. Random: Random rp's can be apart of something for your character, or just anything in general. While these can be numerous, please keep the amount of random rp's currently open to a minimum to each user, that means that users have the choice of having a few rp's going at the same time, but not have too much.

Chat-box Rules
1. Like the other rules (Rp and Main Site) please do not post anything that involves hentai, pornography, or drugs. This is a site for everyone to use, children, teenagers, adults, etc.
2. Please do not brag and boast about a religion, like what was said in the Main Site Rules,
3. We care not for role-play in the chat-box, but the same rules apply from Role-play Rules to chat-box rules in this matter.
4. Profanity is still kept at a minimum, we do not want people looking like idiots.
5. Do not advertise in the chat-box, there is an advertisement section that you can advertise other sites in.

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