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Umbra Gladio WIP

Post by Umbra Gladio on Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:12 pm

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Personal Info
Name: Umbra Gladio
Alias: Shadow Sword
Age: 60 (looks 20)
Gender: Male
Species: Clone of a Dragon/Demon Hybrid
Personality: Umbra is a very cold, calm, and sinister looking fellow. He often scares people away from his aura alone. He doesnt know how scary and evil he looks. But when in battle he is even worse. His aura feels like God himself turned to the dark. But he isnt actually that powerful, just the aura he gives off.
Interests: Battle, Strategy, and Shadows.
Dislikes: War with no reason to wage, idioticy, and the light.
Fears: That Umbra would have a meaningless existence, which to him is worse than death.

General Appearance
Height: 16 feet tall
Eyes: Bright Yellow with Blood Red iris.
Appearance:(Your character's general appearance weapons and other accessories included)
Main Look”:
He has black half-scales, which are scales that arnt fully developed and grown. He has yellow glowing eyes, with red pupils. But the yellow glows so much you cant see the red. He stands like a gorilla. He also has claws that a as sharp as talons and as thick as a beak. He is very muscular, like a body builder, but not so much. He has eight horns that all curve, Two more than the others. The four others only slightly curve. He also has a red “gem” in the middle of his forehead, that pulses with heat and shadows.
Human Look”:
Umbra’s Human Form doesnt really look completely human. It has many differences. Including the horns on his head, his skin is completely paperwhite, with reddish yellow tattoos. He stands at 6 ft and 5 inches. He is slightly muscular and has Purple eyes. He wears a kind of covering over his pants. He wears boots and gauntlets over his wrists. He also has piece of ripped cloth tied on his lift bicep/tricep.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths:(What is your character good at)
Weaknesses:(What is your character's weaknesses)
Special Abilities: (Any unique abilities that only your character has?)
Combat Style: (how does your character fight?)
Elements: (Regular Role-players can have up to three, leaders can have four, and master and gods can have five. See rules for further information)

Items (Optional, if you do not have it put N/A
Weapon name: Erementaru(which translates into: Elemental)
Weapon description: (Appearance)
Weapon info: (Abilities.) It has  six forms and each one has its own abilities.

  1. Ketsueki nikuya: This is its blood form. It has two abilities.
    • First, Mixed Blood: It works best versus multiple opponents. It cuts all the opponents with a small cut. Then it slowly sucks the blood out. Slowly draining them of energy.
    • Blood Butcher: It makes the blade sharp enough to slice cleanly through any weapon or energy, and can only hold for two quick strikes.

  • Weapon history: (make it more then four sentences)

    Armor name:
    Armor description: (Appearance)
    Armor info: (Abilities)
    Armor History: (make it more then four sentences)

    Item: (Amulet, bracelet, mask, etc.)
    Item description: (Appearance)
    Item info: (Abilities)
    Item history: (make it more then four sentences)

    History:(What is the story behind your character?)
    RP Sample: Umbra slowly backed out of his room. He was avoiding everyones gaze. He felt alone in theis world and the next. Slowly, but surely he got away from everyone. Thats when he started running. And that is when he ran into the giant man.”Hey!” The Man shouted.

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    Re: Umbra Gladio WIP

    Post by FrostBite on Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:25 pm

    Be more descriptive with you Appearance, I was not looking for the weapon part, thats for Items and the such. Also, hold off on your weapons blood form, I am fixing the elements list at the moment.

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