The Story Thus Far...

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The Story Thus Far...

Post by FrostBite on Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:47 pm

The World That Has Come To Be
In the Worlds of Neva, there exist many beings and many worlds, those of good and evil intentions have the freedom to walk most of these realms. In ancient times war had spread from the World of the Dead, Ádi̱, by its council the Dust home had sought concretization and destruction upon the many realms that they had seen rich, pure, and full of life. Its agents of the dead and the darkness have arisen to claim the Gaea, taking other worlds that were smaller and proved to have the three qualities they sought out. The World of Life, The Gaea saw this and fought back alongside its allied worlds, the Twilight Sectors and the Aster Realms, banishing the forces if the Ádi̱ back to their realm of the dead. For years, these worlds have been at peace thanks to the banishment of the Ádi̱, and thus peace at long last has settled.

The Rise of the Abyss
Peace has settled between all for millennia for ages to come, but in recent times, that peace has faded. A group of travelers had discovered a vortex in the Twilight Sectors and have reported it. As investigations have arisen creatures of many sizes and of great power have spewed out like thousands of wasps swarming an innocent bird, an invasion had begun. For years, what forces that dwindled in the Twilight Sectors had been swallowed by the Abyss as well as the entire world, thus, giving the pure black realm the souls and means to grow even further. As the Abyss spreads across the Worlds of Neva like an infection, the Gaea, the Ádi̱, and the Aster Realms have been forced to take part in battle in the world of the mortal beings, The Terra. This war will decide the fate of any and all, whether the Abyss swallows all in its wake, or whether the Gaea and Ádi̱ attempt to save everything they know and hold dear.

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