Desmond Irich (Finished)

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Desmond Irich (Finished)

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Personal Info
Name: Desmond Irich
Alias: The FristBite
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Hybrid (Ziamachi/Abyss Demon)
Personality: Desmond is very calmed and relaxed, both in battle and our of combat. Casually, he is a smart ass, very peaceful yet loves a good fight, he does train, has an upbeat personality about him in a calm way. He encourages many people to do what is right and to help others out with everyday problems. He is very shy whenever it comes to women though, trying to avoid them because they will think of him as odd and weird, he has the worst issues. During battle though, he goes into a dark state from which a bloodlust stirs him wild. He enjoys killing the many, seeing blood as a scene as his only cure, he stops at nothing until his opponent is hacked to pieces.
Interests: Usually he likes to be in calm areas, he loves peace although he gets in the mood to spar with someone he knows. He is not too fond of random people/strangers, not trusting anyone really, he only trust those he knows and those who will take on their responsibilities. He loves crafting weapons, selling them or keeping them if he likes them enough.
Dislikes: Desmond hates backing down from a fight, but if he knows he cannot win it he will have to make a wiser decision. He does not trust anyone, as stated above, he prefers the trust of someone who is much more closer to him.
Fears: Desmond does not show fear, for he thinks it is weakness, but what keeps him going in the fear of losing every friend he knows.
Elements: Blood (At its weakest), Lightening, Water, Ice, and Darkness.

General Appearance:
General Appearance
Height: 7'3"
Eyes: Pending on what emotion he is in they will flicker to that mentions color (Anger: Red, Happiness: Green)
Appearance: His size seems to be unbearable for any considering they have to fight him, but his size matches with his strength in a perfect way. While he is strong, he does have speed but prefers the timing to it, only because he thinks that he will rush without knowing. Desmond’s hair is pure white only because he was born dead. Of course, many had questioned why his hair was not grey, but the reason behind it was his powers. The powers he possessed had chemically changed his hair through energy, but that wasn’t the only thing that had changed, the pupils in his eyes.
Desmond’s eyes (or pupils) changed color based upon the emotion he was in, for example: If he were angry, they would change into glowing neon red. The chemical, and biological change of events; making him the first Abyss Demon to have ever been born from the womb. As a young adult, Desmond wears a pair of black jeans, along with a white shirt and white and black Nike shoes. He wears a pure black hooded robe, trying to conceal himself form actual public appearance.

Regular Armor:
In his armor appearance he was made to intimidate others, the armor being specially designed to absorb any of the elemental abilities the opponent might have that are the same as his own. This is the armor he usually wears for combat:
Dead Redemption Armor

Abyss Reaper Mode:
Abyss Reaper Mode:
In his true Demonic Form, in his Abyssal Reaper form, Desmond gains he difference in power, both speed, strength, and elemental and energetic power. While he is extremely powerful in this form he has a low defense due tot he amount of power he has, thus, will render him defenseless to powerful attacks that could kill another man.
Abyss Reaper Mode: Appearance

Blood Reaper Mode:
Blood Reaper Mode:
Pre-Mature Mode
The weaker and slower mode of the others, this Blood Reaper Mode is the incomplete form of the beast that lurks within. Sinful by dark nature, the user becomes possessed by the Beast, losing all sense of sanity and emotion, the beast takes over, attacking any in its way, both enemy and ally.

Blood Mode
Reaper Mode
Ravager Mode
Fury Mode
Berserker Mode

The Blood Reaper is a Pure Blood form of the Abyss Reaper, granted they do come in all shapes and sizes, this is the most accurate form. In the Blood Reaper mode, the possessor can have full control of the blood ability, being able to use it none stop until all energy or life force is drained. This form is a walking tank, being very fast and strong, only other heavy units could truly affect the Blood Reaper, for its heavy and high defense is toughened. Even though this is a powerful form, it is obtainable when the user is in pure rage and anger, and have lost an ally that had been very close to him. This is a last resort type form, and is very well kept hidden from many, due to its high level of power opponents even having the same power or above still have a hard time destroying this being. Having different modes that it can switch, the user does not become himself, for the form of the reaper takes over and turning him into a vile beast of dark nature, so in other words, this is more of a possession. Each mode is pretty much the same, but with a different attack mode and the such, it takes no time transforming parts of its body back to where it was and what it could potentially become.
Skills and Abilities:
Skills and Abilities
He is a master of all four, electricity, water, ice, and the abyssal darkness, being able to absorb the same elements for power from opponents with ease.
Darkness raises his strength by three
Water raises his elemental power by four
Electricity raises his energy conservation and power by two
Ice raises his speed by three
Being a master of the four elements, he uses darkness the least, but, most of the time he can swiftly turn into a shadow amongst the darkness, having a great stealth. In this shadow form, he cannot be detected, but is weak enough against light that it could possibly reveal his position, he can split himself into four shadows.
He thinks more thoroughly and is patient allowing him more time to strike at an opponent, this also allows him to find their weak points and where they may be very affected by.
He is resistance to fire due to his water ability
Although he is complete of darkness, light attacks, powerful ones at that, must be used in order to properly affect him with how much darkness he controls at once, if a simple attack was used on him it would not faze him in the sorts, but strong light based attacks could deal some damage.

While light and holy does not really faze his body, Desmond is weak to strong light attacks (Like a Spirit Bomb from DBZ), since he has the strongest form of Abyss, he is weak to light, but it matches perfectly to its counterpart element.
The fact he does not want any help in a fight when it's absolutely needed may kill him, for it is apart of his own pride. While he does not think of himself highly though, he will fight for what he believes in, even if it kills him.
Time is of an essence, but not space. Space can effect Abyss Demons for it is apart of matter, from which these particular demons do rely on half of the time to help execute their moves and keep their momentum. Shift space and matter and this will weaken Desmond, opening weak points for the opponent to strike.

Special Abilites:
Special Abilities: Desmond can create elemental clones of himself, they are as strong and as fast as the original body, but their most obvious weakness is the opposite element they are weak to. They can only use one element, so a water clone can get cut in half but reform like it was nothing, but when hit with a lightening based attack it will be greatly effected, but only two clones of each element can be cloned for it does drain the user his energy.
Combat Style: Preferably Desmond loves to get up close and personal, going for melee attacks and hurting the enemy greatly with the physical force, it is rare to see him use ranged attacks.

Elements: Darkness, Ice, Lightening, Water, Blood

Weapon name: Ragnarock
Weapon description: Appearance
Weapon info: Can exert all forms of darkness and gives the user 25% more energy then they should have as a last resort when the user if failing battle.
Weapon history: Created as an Abyss Demon, Ragnarock was a warrior until he betrayed the Abyssal Council and gave his enemies the upper hand, but when he was caught he was sentenced to be trapped within his own blade, thus becoming the blade after on, becoming a Demon Weapon. Years had passed but when Desmond found him, he made contract with he teenager and thus they began their journey.

Armor name: Redemption Dead Armor
Armor description: Appearance
Armor info: Crafted to the users most used element of that time, the Redemption Dead Armor was built basically for Demon Lords, but was thrown away years later due to the amount of damage it took. The armor connects to the users senses and blocks off any pain the user receives. While this is dangerous, it helps the user fight more and more, making them a war machine to be reckoned with.
Armor History: Created by one of the Demon Lords before he died due to war, the armor was crafted with hellfire, abyssal darkness, and divine lights, making a dangerous armor with the enchantment to block off pain so this Demon Lord could fight more without having to feel any pain whatsoever. However, when the armor itself received heavy damage the Demon lord threw it away, but died later on due to bleeding out from heavy combat he as in. Had he kept the armor he might have lived long enough to repair himself, but as foolish as he was he died a miserable death, and thus ended that reign of the monster in the armor... until one day, it was found by a young man who would put the armor to good use.

Item: N/A
Item description:
Item info:
Item history:

Chapter One:
Desmond Irich, known throughout the universe as “conquering warrior” was one of the most powerful. One thousand years ago, he was the salvation of all… until one day that is. His mind was possessed by his ancestor, being eaten up by corruption and darkness, his soul dematerialized as well as his body, and soon became one with the dead.
But rather he was sent elsewhere. The Abyss, a dark, cold, and lifeless plains of nothingness, he became insane, and thus, ended his life. In the following present times, Corruption had twins, Austin and Desmond. Desmond was born and odd enough obtained his element, Blood, but due to the amount of power Desmond had, it was too much to bear for him and he died one day after his birth, even for his Pure Blood. For years, his body had been re-cloned, and finally, came clone number 542. As several years had passed, 542 had been tested on, given injections as a soulless clone, no emotion, and no nothing. He was turned into a super-weapon like the other successful clones, and were put into combat soon after.
Four years after the great wars had come to an end, 542 began to malfunction, becoming unstable with fits and rage. After great studies, it was soon discovered that he has the soul of his ancestor, the same one who was devoured by darkness and corruption.
Discovering this, 542 escaped while unconscious, his subconscious doing all of the work and anyone who got in his way died, and successfully escaped the vicinity.
Weeks after the incident, 542, or known as the Irich Clone, awoke in a forest, a girl standing over him. At this time, he was twelve. He quickly got up, having no complete memory, and he began to get scared, asking the girl whom she was. She just smiled and giggled, “My name is Alexis!” She giggled, exclaiming how he was tall.
His black hair turned to white, and his red eyes turned to bright, changing colors.
He would only sigh, asking why she was there, and with one answer, “I’m getting fruits for my parents.”
Parents? What were those? This was a question Desmond would have for the girl before she took him by the hand and lead him to the house. She explained what parents were pretty much, telling him how they were your biological caretakers and how they all loved you… did she say biological?
After he met the parents, they would listen to his side of the story and how he just woke up with no memory of what happened before. They would talk in another room, but had agreed to care for him and make sure he has a good life. Things were just getting good, it were a peaceful time without any war or crime, and Desmond began to live a good life.

-Three years later-
Desmond Irich was the name he had only remembered of himself, and for years, he had been doing some odd, yet good things to himself. Training. In school he had over all A’s, proceeding the next grade and class up even at the age of fifteen. In his free time, he would train and train without stopping until it was suppertime or when it was time for shower. During school activities, there were two powers from which he did not know, aside from the fact he could lift trucks all at once. Electricity and water manipulation, he discovered this when the water fountain was not working, so he concentrated for some odd reason and forced the water out of it, plus the gum as well. During class, kids were picking on him, calling him a geek, and when he was angry enough, he began to absorb any all electricity form the entire city, and then exerted in a wave that would not hurt anyone, but destroyed all of the lights. Everyday form that point on he trained to gain better control of his powers, and the sword. He had an odd fascination with all sorts of weapons, even taking classes for them, forging and different techniques to taker an enemy down, the parents did question this, but they helped him as well, trying to help make him better. Months after months, he became very skilled, learning military tactics from the father,  and coordination from the mother as well as weak points of an enemy, he became a dangerous person to fight against, one question remained, how did the parents know any of this?
He questioned them at the table, trying to figure out how they knew about the tactics and other things. They responded wit saying in the early years they were in military families and were in the military once upon a time. They had retired, having a child, they moved out to the towns where everyone knew each other and there were no problems. Desmond was enlightened at this point, relaxing a bit more.
Five months, there was a gang that had lived in the town, and slowly they had been building their little mafia. Soon enough, they took over killing anyone that would step against them. They searched the house one day; Desmond was out picking fruit with Alexis when he saw the house ablaze. They both quickly ran over there, only for Desmond to get shot in the shoulder and Alexis in the gut, the gang had killed the parents, and taking off quickly. Alexis was sent to the hospital, undergoing major surgeries, Desmond vowed to track every last single member of the mafia down, and kill them.
He began to craft and forge various blades and light armor that would not be much of use, but it could defend against some bats and knives and swords. He would track down the gang, finding a large factory that was lit up with lights and music. He snuck through the factory, trying not to get caught. He saw the leader in his office, drinking heavily and having stacks of money and goods on the desk. Desmond then busted through the doors, charging for the leader with a sword, he jumped and stabbed the man in the throat. The two guards began to fire at Desmond, but he was quick enough to hide behind the desk. As the firing stopped, they threw a grenade in there, but Desmond saw it and used water to push it back at their faces. Others began to come about, grabbing their weapons, Desmond knew he would not survive the night, but he had a plan in motion. He went out into the open and began to absorb any and all electricity, concentrating it in his body. As soon as the rest of the gang arrived, he let out a huge pulse of lightening, vaporizing the entire factory. Weeks later, he woke up on an island, and in front of the throne, sat a man who looked bored.

Chapter Two:
Desmond awoke in the realm of madness, where chaos had worked with it to survive. He got up, only to get pushed down by a pulse of wind by the man on the throne. Desmond threw a ball of lightening at the man, only for it to explode in his face. He got up and teleported, and punched Desmond dead in the jaw, grabbing him by the throat, the man would begin to build energy into his hand, slowly choking him. A feminine voice called out, “Enough!”
A woman in a tight latex suit, from which she was almost naked, walked towards the man, putting a hand on his shoulder, he released Desmond, then knocked him out. Desmond woke up again, but this time in a bed in some strange clothing. It was soft, and laying next to him was a girl… Alexis!!!??? How what she here?
The woman entered, smiling, she sat down next to the bed.
Desmond asked who she was, and she only replied with Chaos. He was confused, but understood as she explained that she were a goddess. She told him where his armor and clothing would be, and then she had left, leaving a small plate of food. After getting ready in a separate room, the girl as still asleep, yet he could not shake off the feeling that this was Alexis.
He left the room, being greeted by the man who had tried to kill Desmond. He was not in the mood it would seem, but he was being as nice and plain s he could to prevent any form of fighting. After speaking for some time, the man said he was the god of madness, and that he had been watching Desmond for some time. He saw potential, and he saw hope. So, he would decide to train Desmond, whether the kid liked it or not.
-Five months after-
The training was very difficult, but successful at the same time. There were painful surgeries and Desmond had destroyed the obstacles that came along. He asked about the girl that wanders the castle, and Chaos replied with saying that was their daughter. Another three days have passed, and Desmond had to leave the world before it would appear in a completely different realm, not knowing about the girl much. As soon as he left the realm, he went straight to the hospital to see his sister.
As soon as Desmond arrived to the room, he saw it was empty. He asked one of the doctors what happened with the girl in the room, and he replied, confirming that she had died due to the fatal bullet wound. Desmond ran out, running far from the city and into the woods, too saddened to stand, he would run away from everything he knew. He felt useless to this point, and would go into hiding from the world, but at the same time keep his strength and status maintained.
Dreams were something that was common with Desmond, remembering every last single one of them. He dreams about being a great warrior, or a destroyer, or a demon, something far greater. He soon later discovered a Demon Blade just lying on the ground, and even though it was large, surprisingly it was light. Desmond picked it up, and the sword spoke, asking him who he was. Desmond replied with his own name, and the sword would continue how it got here, from the Abyss. When people had attempted to pick him up, they could not due to the great weight, but somehow he knew Desmond would come around. This was Ragnarock, one of the ‘mature’ Demon Blades of the Abyss; he asked if Desmond would take him on the further journeys ahead. This was a start of something new, a bond that would last for years to come, friendship…

Chapter Three:
-Two years later-
Desmond and Ragnarock were two best friends, one being able to eat regular food and drink great amounts of alcohol without getting drunk, and the other able to eat souls. Desmond became a mercenary, and started his own group. But, he watched them all burn in a great fire, and attempting to get them out of there, he burnt his arms horribly. But Ragnarock healed him, turning the burns into tattoos of dragons. Desmond had met a guy named Zetran Idahe, who wanted to join his team. Desmond would say that this was a one-man team, and that he was not recruiting anymore, but the guy insisted that he wanted to join. Desmond sighed and said fine, that he could join.
Weeks later into the team, Zetran made great use of himself, completing every mission the two were given, he would then have his sister join, but she just turned out to be the teams medic. The three would travel the world, defeating creatures and going on manhunts, gaining more and more strength together. Two more recruits had come in later on in the year, one being Isaac Usinake, and the other Christopher Sauria. The entire team had become great friends, being bonded together; they would work together to go against the world as it threw every obstacle in their way.
One day, an old man who seemed angry called them out. The entire team came out, but was ambushed by two similar beings, one of Chaos and the other of Madness. They would fight,, but were no match for the gods, all except for Desmond and Zetran. Surprisingly, Zetran could control his own blood as well as time, a balance of darkness and light, and something else, but Desmond had paid no attention to that. As they would fight, Zetran used his deadliest ability to take out Chaos, but as for Desmond, he was loosing. When he had run out of energy though, a miracle happened he lashed out using ice. This was quite surprising to himself and Madness, and thus the final battle began to life and death. As they would fight, Desmond became victorious, using his newer frozen powers, he would use this as a new purpose came to mind; Conquering. On that day he had kept his few friends, but in return lost someone important, himself. He became more serious, more cold, he became a warrior.

Chapter Four:
After the battle of Madness and Chaos, the team decided to split up, knowing that others will hunt them, the only one that actually stays… was Desmond. Becoming more war like he awaits for his enemies, and as he knew it, an entire armada was right at his front door step, ready to kill.
He would sigh as this problem arose, and he knew today was the day he would die, so, he knew what had to be done. Taking a scroll from the dead gods body, he had found a scroll of the ancients and their powers, and selected the most powerful one on there, Abyss. He knew with this power, he could die, but would accomplish something that would mean defending his friends. As he rushed in, he activated the darkness, turning into an alternate form of himself. Hours had passed and laying in the blood of his foes were Desmond himself. He had died, his energy and soul moving on… for now. As his soul traveled to the heavens, it was redirected to somewhere much, much more darker then hell, the Abyss. As he arrived here, he was presented to the Abyssal Council, a trial crafted by the god of Madness who had recently been sent to hell. Desmond though he would be sent there too, until there was an offer of contract. Abyss Reapers, much like the Soul Reapers of the Soul Society, the Abyss Reapers were the strongest of all reaper types, one of the types Death had originated from. Agreeing to it, Desmond was sent to another world, being told he will be given a false memory in order for him to get stronger and his age set back, he accepted this, knowing he will never be the same.

Another part of Desmond AKA BladeRunner is that he had joined up with a group of free lancers named toereta tenshi, the purposes was just to get stronger with other individuals who seemed worthy to train with. as time went by, Blade had gotten himself into much mishap and issues with many different people from many different groups, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. He had finally made his debut when his team relied on him for an important mission (which he kinda pestered to be part of) But was willing and able to fight till his last breath. As the mission began all the members of the team would go on this mission and help out, thought Blade seemed to always be the star of the show, being the driver of one of the ships and crashing into the colony head first, Blade knew how to make an entrance like no other. Once on the ship, they were greeted rather fast with an onslaught of monsters that seemed a tad familiar but more advanced. The groups handled the waves with ease and continued in groups threw out the ship, Blade would help Dark and a few other members go threw out she ship and battle strong foes and even face his fears and master them. He also mastered and learned many other things in his travels threw this ship. He eventually felt it was time to settle back and help protect the more weaker members of the groups who weren't to much for a fight and allow the ones who could to go forward, he really wanted to be in that final fight, but he would let the star casing go else where, he was needed here. As everything was said and done, they had won. Blade had returned with the rest home but would give the news to Dark that he had to go, that he had other important matters that needed tending, dark understood and let Blade go, telling him that he was grateful for the help he supplied and that he is always welcome.
Blade would remember few of the members here in that clan and would go off on his own business.

After the events of the Judge Ship, he had created a team, along side his brother and best friend, the three were the leaders of the new Steel Dragons… but this did not last. Desmond’s brother, Austin, had betrayed Marcus, leading up to his agreement with corruption, to kill Desmond a retrieve the realm of nothingness.
In the land where Taorta Tenshi lived, Austin and Desmond would fight, Austin successfully killing his brother… yet, the opposite happened as well. Desmond would gain more strength as he rose back up, the darkness of the Abyss engulfing his body, transforming it into its original form, the form Desmond had died in before he were ever cloned, an Abyss Reaper. In this new form, it was most permanent, healing all of his body; Desmond would attack with both darkness, and blood.
He had unlocked his first and final elemental property, and in the end, this would most likely be one of his least used, yet most valuable powers. (At the beginning of the app) He redeveloped the Blood, using it to kill his brother, he would then join the battle with Dark the Speed Demon as he knew was the name called. A battle took place, an individual named Negative had attacked Dark and Desmond, taking the two head on, but would meet his near death as Desmond literally used a huge sword as a javelin and threw it through the mans midsection, but before they could finish him off, Negative teleported away from the fight, needing to recover. Desmond feel that he was not string enough, and decided to take off into the Unknown Lands, where he hoped to gain power to help others back at home. After a long while, his body changed back to normal, and his power to control blood was very very sloppy, just enough to where he would need a trainer for the new element.

RP Sample:

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Re: Desmond Irich (Finished)

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