A long awaited visit (OPEN)

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A long awaited visit (OPEN)

Post by Vespira on Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:14 pm

It had been several centuries since she'd laid eyes upon Terra. To be fair nothing had changed, it was as it was then, a mixture between the mythical nature and human cities, still it was beautiful especially after her visit to The Adi. She was a sky traveller forced to roam the galaxy in search of something, but never would she say that it was not enjoyable. The diversity of the planets gave them their own beauty, focused on different aspects of natures personalities, matter does it not if evil or the purest of good.

Her journey to Terra had taken time and so she was grateful when she flew over the forest the cities in view. Shortly after crossing the barrier she came upon the city, shining brightly with their grand metal buildings. She flew just above them casting her shadow onto the polished streets beneath her, today she was in search for a place to rest, and if she remembered correctly there was supposed to be a rest house further north of the capital owned by a old friend. It was indeed how she remembered it, the building had been increased in size but it was still covered in plants, and how they had grown over the house. Roses and other exotic plants growing along and over the centuries old building casting a very welcoming look over the building.

She descended further down the street landing with a quiet groan and folding her very stiff wings to her side. She shook out her fur and began walking, slowly at first allowing her legs to once again get used to the strong gravity of Terra, before she began walking properly. As she got closer she read the sign with a soft smile "Diana's old folk's home", why she hadn't changed it she would probably never know. The house stood out and everything within was different to the world outside, the house was perhaps one of the oldest buildings within the city and it hadn't change a bit.

She entered and immediately a swarm of humans came rushing aiming to help, she gestured them all away with a paw and walked over them her gaze on the office. She halted before the office, a old female dwarve sat at the desk within another sitting at another desk, the older woman looked up, her face covered in wrinkles and frumpy she looked. Immediately as her eyes set on Vespira her face softened, her wrinkles decreased and a smile of excitement grew on her face "Tarika! Well about time you show your old face here again!" She exclaimed and Vespira laughed lowering her head to the floor for the dwarves hug, as small as it was, it was a friends hug she would always enjoy. "Diana, my dear!. You still buying the younglings youth potions? They have no use whatsoever, i've told you that two hundred years ago." Vespira said mockingly, the dwarve waved it away with her hand and walked under and out of the house, Vespira following her "Agh, a little hOpe never harmed aneyone" diana said her accent mixing into the words, followed by her walking back inside yelling something about dragon's food into the kitchen in another language. Her stomach grumbled slightly at the words and she seated herself outside the house as Diana came back outside and sat down beside her "S'o tell me where has search lead you these past-" She was interrupted by a low crash coming from the kitchen and with more yelling Diana disappeared into the kitchen, Vespira felt humorously sorry for the workers. She gazed out onto the city, the hotel was further up a hill, several diverse creatures past her on their way in and out of diana's hotel. Her tail laid lazily beside her, and her wings packed elegantly on her back. Once again there were not many dragons in her sight, most dragons she knew never enjoyed the crowded city, neither did she but she enjoyed visiting every few years. And so she began to relax a front the hotel, located just outside of the city.


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