So new Stuff!!!

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So new Stuff!!!

Post by FrostBite on Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:21 pm

Well, this is a new site to begin with, so theres that! This RPG Forum is pretty much based off of anything you could think of, from dragons to video game character to anime and movies, etc. Anything is possible! Choose your side for the upcoming battles of the Abyss, its your option to partake in it as you please, but keep in mind: if you die, you die, unless your revived by someone who could do so, then it is what it is.
There is an elements list if you want to check that out! If you want elemental abilities then see for yourself what they are like!
We have a race and species list for those who want to be more specific on what they want to be!
Like what was said, anything is possible!

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